If you plan to become an EMT - first of all a BIG THANK YOU from our Squad and the entire community! Your next step is to go here and follow the directions to set up an initial account.  This account, managed by the NJOEMS office, will be used to keep track of your training and credentials.

Then you will need to take a CPR for Healthcare Professionals (aka BLS for Healthcare Providers) course, offered by either the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. This is a 4-6 hour course, usually offered in two sessions on successive nights or days.  Look at the links below to find one that is convenient for you.

And finally, you will need to take the EMT Initial Training Course, a 220 hour course designed to train individuals to provide comprehensive emergency medical care at the basic life support level to victims of illness or injury. The course is a combination of classroom, skills session, and clinical time. Various agencies offer the course and the schedules are quite varied.  There are ones offered on weekdays only, others on weekends only, others on evenings only, others on a mix of all the above.  There is also a HYBRID course in which the bulk of the reading/lecture work is done on a computer at the student's convenience and then all the "lab" work and a few lectures are held at the service provider's location. Try looking at the links below to find schedules for upcoming courses.

In all cases, if you are joining our Squad, we will cover the cost of the course and provide you with learning support as needed.

Links to Course Providers

Courses offered at various Morris County sites can be found here: Atlantic Health [check the menu along the left side of the page for EMT INITIAL EDUCATION or CPR/BLS]. At this writing, they offer EMT INITIAL classes that run on either 3 weekdays a week for about 12 weeks, or on 2-3 week nights a week for about 5 months, or on Saturdays and Sundays for a little less than 5 months.

Less Stress [look in menu on left under MEDICAL/BLS for the CPR course and under EMT TRAINING for the initial course] offers several different schedule approaches at several different north Jersey locations.

"Down the shore" in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, MONOC [the initial courses and the CPR courses are all listed on the same page] offers 5 week long Monday thru Friday day time EMT INITIAL courses as well as a 7 week long HYBRID course that uses a combination of on premises labs and online training.

Rutgers in New Brunswick and Community Safety Consultants in Clinton also offer the HYBRID program.

Various Bergen County Sites can be found here: Bergen County EMS Training Center

In the Elizabeth Area Trinitas offers standard and HYBRID courses.

Local Squads also occasionally offer the course. Try looking HERE to find one of those offered sometime soon.